A Real-World, Fast-Paced Suspense Thriller

Under the Bridge

Genre: Popular Fiction/ Suspense Thriller

Release Date: 12th June 2017

Paperback – RRP £3.24 +p&p

E-book – RRP £2.19


When Will’s father dies in South Africa, he is left dazed and bewildered. Why should he go to the funeral? Quite apart from having no money for the trip, Will is still full of resentment about the way his father, James – tied up with his demanding and top-secret job – neglected him as a child. But when a box of James’s personal possessions arrives in England some weeks later, Will makes an unexpected discovery. Why are there so many maps of apparently random regions of France? And why is one covered in markings, including, in his father’s hand, the word ‘START’?

Will sets out for France, determined to get to the bottom of his mysterious legacy, and to reconcile himself with the sudden death of his father. However, he immediately finds himself caught up in a seventy-year-old secret that has lain hidden since World War II. It’s the treasure hunt rather than the soul-search that unwittingly brings him into contact with some extremely menacing people. Eventually, even his own home can provide no refuge from his pursuers…

Under the Bridge is a fast-paced and imaginative thriller that traverses a myriad of landscapes and emotions, and challenges our perception of quest and pursuit.

Production was by Spiffing Covers and Marketing by Bonney at Likemind Creative. Please Contact her for Press Enquiries and further Info. hello@wildmindcreative.com