Hi All

It’s seems an age since I updated you on what’s happening camp Neild.

The big annual event for me, of course, is the release of a new book. And this years offering is We Don’t Grow on Trees.

I only got all the artwork approved and finalised last week. So, here it is…

What do you think of the covers?

You’ll get an idea of the subject matter by reading the Blurb on the back one.

This was actually one of my first ideas for a novel, fifteen years ago, so it’s a relief, ‘to get the buzzing hive finally out of my head and arranged into some sort of sequence, a single strand.’

It will not be released until 8th June but you can pre-order through this Amazon Link

If anyone would like a copy for any promotional copies please get in touch with me or Charles at Publishing Push.

Best wishes & many thanks

All Best