The inspiration for Beyond the Surf was an innocuous dream. And that dream was an encounter in a setting. And the scene in question is where our protagonist, Kayte, meets our supposed antagonist, Roger, on Kidd’s beach for the first time. When I woke up after that potentially insignificant vision I decided to give myself the creative challenge, and license, to go to the source of that dream and to its conclusion. So, the seminal scene on the beach is mid-way through the book. Everything leads up to that point, from the opening words, and thus the ending commences its decent at that central point too.

The difference between serendipity and a coincidence is that the former is a chance encounter with a positive outcome whereas the latter is that there is no obvious outcome at all. And we don’t know which is which as a result of this meeting between Kayte and Roger; it is only the outcome which decides. You will reach the answer yourself when you finish the book. And that subtle conclusion can only be reached in the future, with the benefit of hindsight. Incidentally the origin of the word ‘Serendip’ comes from the word English visitors called Ceylon, which is now Sri Lanka. They called this wonderful little island, the comma at the tip of India, the island of Serendip. The island where magic becomes a reality.

I do hope you enjoy the journey I take you on to my imaginary Martinez Islands and back again. This, my first novel, is designed to be a fresh, easy reading romantic thriller that will take you on a journey that you could very well go on yourself. That is the idea, all is possible. So, don’t hesitate, get out there … Beyond the Surf.

And more: ‘She was seeking and finally discovered, deep within her solar plexus, with pen in hand, the mortal coil, the spring where all words are born. It was there, in the nitty-gritty sludge of the well, where she found the source of the place that creative movements are conceived, where great impulses derive, where the home, the desire to express emotion resides. It was a discovery like no other for there was no object to it; it was simply uncovering her essence, mere feelings. However she was well aware it was a wealth beyond measure. She was finally rich beyond belief, exceeding her wildest imagination.’ Henry Neild – March 2016.