‘I felt I’d reached the point where, now that I can reflect on my life with some objectivity, I can clearly see the value in dramatising some of my early experiences. As a result, I’ve decided to share some of my stories and transform them into novels.’

The seed for Henry’s first book, ‘Beyond the Surf’, appeared as a dream in June 2013. It has since been stretched, contorted and worked into a 70,000 word novel aimed at charming a youthful imagination. Since then, he has written three other novels in the same style, which are currently being cut and polished.

The objective of Henry Neild’s writing is to gently empower his readers through real-life situations and not fantasy ones. The primary goal is to provide a guiding hand and to gently assist his readers on the journey of self-discovery. As we all know, the first step is always the hardest… so why be a dodo when you can be a skylark?